photo of patient gantt

J. Gantt

To Whom It May Concern: I, JS Gantt, am completely satisified and happy with the extraction and replacement of seven of my permanent teeth using the dental implant method of Dr. James A. Pollard. This is the method I reccommend. And if, and when the occasion arrives in the future this would be my procedure of choice. I will be happy to discuss my experience to anyone needing to make a procedure choice! I can be reached in Lynchburg at 434-000-0000.JS Gantt/ Lynchburg

photo of patient jeff bowman

J. Bowman

I have utilized several dentists over my lifetime (45+ years) to include military and civilian, needless to say, many of them I did not want to return to for various reasons. My wife and I started coming to Dr. Pollard's office a little over 3 years ago for routine visits, cleanings, checkups, as well as crowns. If you want a dentist and staff that will take care of your dental needs, with quality work that is done right, Dr. Pollard a d Tracy are the ones to see. J Bowman

photo of patient hamlett

T. Hamlett

I've been a patient of Dr Pollard for many years. I've had teeth removed, years ago and decided to replace them. Dr Pollard has done some very detailed gum surgeries, more to come. Through it all, my healing process, has been absolutely wonderful. Dr Pollard, and team, has made me feel comfortable, part of the family. I am very please with Dr Pollard as my dentist. I highly reccommend him. Thank you Dr Pollard and team. T Hamlett

photo of patient denise bowman

D. Bowman

I came to Dr Pollard a few years ago with major dental problems, I needed braces, root canals, crowns, bone grafts and dental implants. Thanks to Dr Pollard's extensive knowledge in dentistry he completely restored my teeth. I can now chew my food completely for better digestion and I smile without being embarrarrassed. I am very grateful to Dr Pollard and I highly reccommend him because his work is superb! D Bowman

photo of patient jan hayes

J. Hayes

I initially saw Dr Pollard for an abcessed tooth which required extraction and an implant. He however, discovered that every tooth in my mouth was decayed and reccommended complete extractions and implant-retained dentures. This, after, I had faithfully had dental exams and all reccomended procedures throughout my life by another dentist! As difficult as this has been for me, I must say that Dr Pollard has made it as easy as possible. He has done meticulous work, without short cuts and there has been no complications to date. He's been very reassuring and professional. I'm so glad I found him and have the utmost faith in his work! J Hayes

photo of patient tom hayes

T. Hayes

Since 1979, Dr Pollard has performed numerous dental care procedures for me. These procedures have included thorough dental examinations, self-care reccomendations, cavity fillings, root canals, an implant and permanant bridges. Without exception and in comparison to other dentists' work during my lifetime and thus far, Dr Pollards work has been meticulously performed and was very effectively provided me with much better dental health than I would otherwise have experienced. T Hayes

photo of patient johnson

B. Johnson

Wearing dentures is one the worst things I have had to endure in my life. There are a lot of people wearing them, and they won’t admit that having them made was a big mistake, they just put up with the pain and looseness and keep trying to make do. They are like horseshoes flying around in your mouth, you can’t eat any decent food anymore—no meat, no apples, no corn on the cob, no bread. I couldn’t stand them anymore.

Then I heard about Dr. Pollard and his wonderful staff on WLNI radio and decided I would talk to them about my problems. I heard that they offer a free consultation, so I figured “what do I have to lose?” Well they pointed out what my problems were, and showed me some ways to fix my problems, and I decided to go ahead and take care of things. Boy, have I ever been happy! I can eat anything I want now. I love to grill steaks on the patio, like I used to years ago. My wife fixes corn on the cob all the time for me now, and I love to go to the orchards (Saunders is my favorite) and get winesap and golden delicious apples now.

I can’t tell you how much my life has changed. I can eat well, I can speak well (I don’t sound like I have dentures in my mouth), and I can smile for the first time in 30 years, because Dr. Pollard really made my teeth look great! My self esteem has improved tremendously and I really feel good about myself. I’m thinking about singing in the choir at church again, now that I don’t have dentures that can come out of my mouth at the wrong time. Dr. Pollard’s staff members really treated me good, and I will always remember them for their concern for me, they really watched over me and saw that I was comfortable.

photo of patient ferguson

C. Ferguson

After so many years of wear and tear on my teeth, and trying my best to take care of things myself, I realized something had to be done. A good friend of mine who was a patient at Implant & Comprehensive Dental of Virginia recommended that I look into the possibility of utilizing an implant solution for my problems. I scheduled an appointment for a consultation and expressed my desire to have a complete makeover; Dr. Pollard commenced treatment and some five to six months later I had a movie star appearance, and looked twenty years younger! I am extremely satisfied with the result and would recommend this office to anyone! Thanks Dr. Pollard and staff.

photo of patient scott

B. Scott

I am a professional model and, of course, rely on a big healthy smile for my living. I was missing one of my front teeth from birth, and had it replaced with a dental implant. It blends right in with my other teeth so well that it’s impossible to tell it’s not the real thing. I’m ecstatic about the results and highly recommend Dr. Pollard to any of my friends.

photo of patient eubank

M. Eubank

Before I got the dental implants my teeth would fall out at the most inappropriate times. My grandchildren would laugh at me whenever this happened, and I was just destroyed by them (but kids are kids, and I still love them). I would have to put my hand over my mouth to keep them from falling out, and no amount of that messy glue seemed to work. I couldn’t tolerate the soreness in my mouth, the biting my cheeks, the raw places, especially on my lowers, and everything just hurt.

Now I don’t have to put my hand over my mouth to talk, my grandchildren don’t act up anymore, and I can just talk up a storm! There’s no more sore spots in my mouth anymore, and I absolutely love my implants!

photo of patient smith

C. Smith

My regular dentist recommended that I have a bridge to replace a recently extracted tooth. He told me that the teeth on either side of the missing tooth would have to be cut down in order to place the bridge. The teeth were in perfect condition, and I thought it would be hideous to ruin perfectly good teeth to have a bridge inserted, so I heard about Implant & Comprehensive Dental of Virginia in the News & Advance. They recommended placement of an implant and cap, which I had done. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received at this office.

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