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Flexible Monthly Payment Option

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Look into our convenient payment plan administered by CareCredit and you can have the treatment you deserve!

CareCredit, the nation’s leading medical and dental payment program, provides you with the possibility of 100% financing of your dental treatment with NO MONEY DOWN, NO INTEREST, no processing fees, no annual fees, and no penalties (pre-payment). There’s no reason to delay your much needed treatment any longer, so call them today!

Care Credit offers a broad range of payment options, with no minimum amount required, up to over $25,000, and it only takes a very short time to apply. For information on their available plans, call 1-800-839-9078 , or visit their website at

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Dental Insurance

As a convenience to our patients we will handle all transactions regarding insurance company claims. By the time of your first appointment at our office we will “take your insurance” information into our computer for later filing of claims. We will gladly have an approved American Dental Association standard form filled out and ready to submit at the end of each appointment, and we will gladly handle any routine requests for further information from your insurance company, thereby maximizing your benefits. The only request we have of you is to place the prepared form in the mail (it will be pre-stamped in an envelope, ready to mail, with nothing to sign or fill out). This may seem a little bit silly, but the reason we do things this way is to allay your fears that the claim has actually been made for your treatment, something that is a problem in many other dental offices. You will know that the claim has been made since you mailed the form yourself! Any delays in payment, and there certainly may be, as we know from many years of dealing with insurance companies, will be the fault of the dental insurance company!

Our philosophy of treatment is to render you the best treatment possible, regardless of insurance coverage. In formulating a treatment plan, and in ongoing treatment as an established patient you will note that we don’t even consider the existence of insurance coverage in your treatment. We are “blind” to the existence of insurance, and recommend the same treatment to both insured and non-insured patients equally. We do not try to “milk” your insurance company according to each insurance company’s very variable payment schedules. In this way you are assured of the best possible treatment, and won’t have to worry about a high school educated secretary formulating treatment that is the sole responsibility of a highly trained professional.

Our responsibility to you is to render the best treatment possible; likewise, your responsibility to us is to recompensate us for our efforts. We do not allow third parties, i.e., insurance companies, to interfere with this hallowed, sacred relationship, and as a result, we instruct insurance companies to submit their portion of payment to you. How many dental offices trust their patients enough to do this? We trust you, and hope that you will in time come to trust us and our intentions.