Dr. Pollard and staff can replace missing teeth with conventional bridgework, attaching the bridge to either natural teeth or implants. All Ceramic bridges can be utilized in some areas of the mouth to afford the best in natural looking restorations.
Diagram of bridge in place
Bridge is in place, maintaining integrity of arches

No bridge, arch integrity lost

This graphic shows the results of not replacing an extracted tooth:
  1. The opposing tooth will drift downwards
  2. The bone will disappear at the extraction site
  3. The adjacent teeth will drift into the open space
  4. Decay will form in the displaced space between the teeth
  5. Bone will be lost from the opposing tooth
  6. Spaces will open between adjacent teeth
missing teeth before implant bridge
Missing teeth
implants in place before bridge placed
Implants placed
Implant retained bridge
Bridge in place, attached to implants

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